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History: Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Society

Tutankhamen's Tomb

Useful Weblinks

Ancient Egypt 

Ducksters: Ancient Egypt This weblink provides links to many topics on Ancient Egypt, including timeline, monuments and geography, culture and people. Ducksters is a good source of beginning research. 

Ancient Egypt This weblink is written by Joshua J. Mark for Ancient History Encyclopedia entry on Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Gods and Religion

History for Kids: Ancient Egyptian Gods This weblink is a good beginner source of information on Ancient Egyptian Gods. 

National Geographic Kids: Gods and Goddesses This weblink is a good beginner source of information by National Geographic on Gods and Goddesses. 

Ancient Egyptian Religion This weblink is to the entry on Ancient Egyptian Reliigion written by Joshua J. Mark for the Ancient History Encyclopedia website. 

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses This weblink by Mark Millmore covers information on a number of Gods and Goddesses. 

Meet the Egyptian Gods This weblink is to a webpage on the author Rick Riordan's website. Rick Riordan wrote the fantasy fiction series Kane Chronicles set in Ancient Egypt. 

Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Culture This weblink on Egyptian culture by Ancient History Encyclopedia was written by Joshua J. Mark. 

Ancient Egypt This weblink by Encyclopedia Britannica covers an introduction to Ancient Egypt civilisation. 

Key Groups

Women in Ancient Egyptian Society This weblink is to an article on women in Ancient Eygptian Society in the Ancient History Encyclopedia by Lucy de Masson. 



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Books in the CBL

The Christopher Brennan Library has many suitable books for this unit of work under 932 in the information collection.

A CLOSED RESERVE has been put together to enable students equal access to the library books on this topic. 

PEEL Paragraph

Oxford Referencing Guide

Tutankhamen Videos

Historical Fiction

Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan - FANTASY RIORDAN


Stand Alone Adventure Fiction Books


 Egyptian Series by Wilbur Smith - GENERAL SMITH

The Egyptian Series by Wilbur Smith is a historical fiction series suitable for more mature readers.